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Dollar Gill


Photographer, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer & Motivator.

Lover of Coffee and Creative Stuff.

Currently Residing in Sydney

Thing's i'm Good at



Portrait Photography


Content Featured
on Top Platforms

My work is featured on Top Platforms like Forbes, United Nations, GQ Magazine, Canon, Medium, Hindustan Times, Business Insider, India Today, and many more…


“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word-of-mouth is very powerful.”

-Jeff Bezos

All of my most frequently asked questions will be addressed in this section of the site; so feel free to browse, and forward any inquiries you might have for me via Instagram; I will answer them to the best of my ability.

What camera gear do you use ?

I use a Canon EOS R5 paired with the Canon RF 50mm F/1.8. This is my primary go-to set up for almost every photo I take.

How long does it usually take for you to edit your photos?

It all depends on the raw file itself. My editing times change according to the difficulty of the edit, how many special effects I want to do, and how much I fancy it, But my shortest time is typically 30-45 minutes and sometimes it can go to 2-4 hours if I really want to go crazy.

Which apps are good for Editing Photos?

I think the absolute best apps/programs to start your journey into editing software are programs like VSCO, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, pretty much the majority of phone apps that you can install on your phone. They are easy to learn and user-friendly. 

Which apps do you use for Editing your Photos?

I edit my photos on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and for quick edits, I use Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

How do you choose locations to shoot in/at for the best lighting, color & contrast?

The three most important components to me for finding the best locations are leading lines/natural framing. Lighting that cuts off all vertical light, meaning there is the only light that will fill harsh shadows without the use of a flash or reflector. And plenty of colors too manipulates further in post-production.

Do you offer Discounts?

Occasionally discounts are available but these are dependent on availability and the time of year. Please feel free to contact me to discuss in more detail.

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